Monsoon Travel Tips

The rains are here. And with them they bring beautiful greens, gloomy yet the awe-inspiring sky and freshness all around. For quite a lot of us the rainy season is an inviting time to travel in India as the summer heat’s settled down. An opportunity to witness the country in its natural relaxing vibrance. But it does bring its own set of challenges and down below are some tips that will help you make the most of your travel during this romantic season.

Pack a few extra pairs of clothing

Make sure you carry some extra pairs of clothing with you when traveling during this season. There’s quite a chance that you can get wet in the rains. Bonus Tip: Synthetic clothing is ideal during monsoons as it doesn’t absorb water easily, doesn’t get too heavy when wet and dries quickly.

Umbrellas and raincoats

Heavy duty umbrellas and raincoats are to be preferred considering the rains and winds in India.

Choose the right footwear

Crocs, rubber sandals and flip flops are a great option to wear during monsoons. Gum boots are good too but if you are traveling light carrying them can be quite cumbersome.

Carry a hair dryer

Hair dryers aid you in not catching a cold from wet hairs. In addition, you can get a bit creative and also use one to dry wet clothes a bit quickly.

Take your meds and bring along first aid supplies

Be sure to carry your medicines, some disinfectants and bandages as they might come in handy. Bonus Tip: Research about the proximity of hospitals in your route and during your stays.

Mosquito and insect repellents

Carry some repellent lotions or patches that will help keep mosquitos and bugs away from you, especially when outdoors. Bonus tip: Close your windows early enough during stay as indoor lights can be an quite an attraction to them.

Waterproof carry bag

This will come in handy for the safekeeping of you electronics like phone, camera and such. Bonus tip: Silica gel pouches can help suck up ambient moisture and help keep your bag content dry.

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